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Tuff Plast MCB Box
The offered Tuff Plast MCB Boxes are designed with sliding or lifting openings for easy MCB control and cleaning. These are tough in structure, which means resistance to many elements is extensively high.
Lexar MCB Box
Whether you want metallic or PVC Lexar MCB Boxes, we have everything you need to secure your electric supply and MBCs. These can be easily installed in both exterior and interior locations.
Nexa MCB Box
Available in beige and white shades, the offered Nexa MCB Boxes are highly demanded to have ideal power distribution and short-circuit protection in a building. These are useful for both residential and commercial applications.
Glass Door MCB Box
Glass door MCB box is fabricated for the protection of electrical cables. As the name suggests, it has a glass covering which possess sturdiness and longevity. 810-way glass door MCB box is easy to install and taken care of. 

Powerplay MCB Box
Powerplay MCB boxes are designed for complete safety against electrical cables and equipment. These allow users to install a single MCB and link it to several electrical circuits.Our products are an electrical switch that operates automatically. Powerplay MCB boxes are also known as miniature circuit breakers. 

PVC Gang Box
The provided PVC Gang Boxes come with plastic or metal back body. These are known for perfectly covering the switch parts and MCBs. They are basically high-performance and lasting products.

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